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🌸 2019: “Coming Home”  

Sufi-Songs und Herzenslieder, gesungen “aus dem Moment”…. auf Mallorca und in Gilsa. Gemeinsam produziert mit Stefan Kiessling.

  1. Towards the One (Sufi Prayer)
  2. Let the Way of the Heart
  3. Amazing Grace (Folk Song)
  4. Nayaz (Gebet für Heilung)
  5. Bismillah (Improvisation mit Sitar)
  6. Gayatri Flow
  7. Many Voices
  8.  May the Blessings (Sufi Prayer)

Gema-freie Musik

Herzlichen Dank an Michael Pfleger für den Sound Support, und Caspar Harbeke für das Cover-Design! :-)

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🌸 2016:  “More…”  – meine Mallorca-CD mit Mantras und Gebeten aus den Welt-Traditionen

(Sufi, Buddhistisch, Hinduistisch, Pachamama) 

-> YouTube-Video mit Hörproben

Die Gitarrensolos “Enid” (no. 4) und “Reflections on Life” (no. 12) sind Kompositionen meines Sohnes Leon, der auch im Derwisch-Song “Estafurallah” (no.6) die Bass-Stimme singt.

Gema-freie Musik

Produziert von Brahm Heidl
Mastered by Hay Zeelen

Tara Mantra /  Om Asatoma / Gobinde Mukande / Enid / House of Lovers / Estafurallah / Om Lokah / Gate Gate / Gopala / Todo es mi familia / Reflections on Life / Lotus Sutra

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-> Lyrics & Erklärungen von “More…” siehe Seitenende



🌸 2010: “Klangreise der Elemente” – meine CD vom Ammersee – ein “Balsam für die Seele” ohne Worte…. tauche ein in die Welt der Klänge und Licht-Frequenzen 

Der Produzent Charlie Glass beschrieb die CD mit diesen Worten: “Caroline Yaos “Klangreise der Elemente” sind wohltuende Klänge der Klangschalen, die in perfekter Harmonie mit ihrer glockenklaren Stimme zur Tiefenentspannung und innerer Balance führen. Geniessen Sie ihre Musik unterstützend zur Meditation,Massagen…” oder Raum-Clearing.
  1. Erde
  2. Wasser
  3. Feuer
  4. Luft
  5. Segen

Preis: 8,- € (zzgl. Versand)

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Gesamtspielzeit: 41:50 Minuten / Gema-freie Musik

Produzenten: Charlie Glass & Alex Prechtl von Stardust Studios




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Lyrics of  “More…” and its benefits

1.) Tara Mantra (music by Shafiya; with traditional Tibetan Mantras and Shafiyas message)

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha / Om Mani Pemme Hung / Calling good Spirits, calling for Love

Beneficial to protect you, raise your compassion to other beings, being supported by good spirits and protected by the energy of LOVE. Love is the most powerful emotion existing.Together with thankfulness it is stronger than any negative and destructive emotion. In times of despair and fear, create LOVE and Gratefulness in yourself as much as possible and “wrap yourself” in these coherent emotions.

2.) OM Asatoma (music by Shafiya; with Sanskrit Mantra and Shafiyas message)

Om Asatoma Satgamaya / Tamasoma Jyotir Gamaya / Mrityor Ma Amritam Gamaya / Find your truth, live your life, see the light, you are free!

Beneficial to liberate you, so that you can find out who you really are and live according to your being.

3.) Gobinde Mukande (music by Shafiya; with Sanskrit Mantra)

Gobinde Mukande / Udare Apare / Hariang Kariang / Nirname Akame

Beneficial for cleaning your Aura from old  and limiting energies and create more compassion within yourself.

4.) Enid (music and guitar by Leon Yao)

Beneficial to calm and rest, creating a contemplating state of being.

5.) House of Lovers (music by Shafiya, lyrics by Rumi and traditional Sufi prayer)

In the House of Lovers the Walls are made of Songs. The floor dances and the music never stops. / Ishq´Allah Mabud´allah!

Beneficial to raise your love within, your love for existence.

By the way….. the lyrics “Ish´q Allah” is pronounced here in the Sufi Camp version which learned in 2003 which sounds more like “Ish´q Allah Mabud´illah” and actually not the way it is sung anywhere else. ;-) But when sung with love, well, at some point there is no right nor wrong… it all says “God is love, lover and beloved”

6.) Estafurallah (Traditional Turkish Dervish prayer – singers: Shafiya, Leon Yao, Brahm Heidl)

Estafurallah / La Illaha ´illalah HU

Beneficial to increase your possibility to forgive.

7.) OM Lokah … May all Beings be Happy and Free! (traditional Mantra)

OM Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.

Beneficial to increase your personal feeling of compassion with other beings, and to increase worlds peace.

8.) Gate Gate …… Beyond, beyond, I have gone beyond!  (traditional Mantra) 

Gate  Gate / Paragate/ Parasamgate / Bodhi Swaha

Beneficial to pass through difficult times and challenges, go on to a new episode of your life, closing an old chapter you have gone through. You are being uplifted!

9.) Gopala (traditional Hindu Mantra)

Gopala Gopala / Devaki Nandana Gopala

Praising the young Hindu God Krishna, this Mantra carries a cheerful and playful energy.

Beneficial to gain lightness and generate joy.

10.) Todo es mi Familia (Song & Lyrics by Shafiya and Hermetic principles)

Como es arriba es abajo. Como es abajo es arriba. Todo fluye y refluye. Vamos el camino. / Todo, todo es mi familia, es mi familia! La tierra, el fuego, al agua y el viento. Las plantas, los minerales, los animales. Somos los hijos de amor!

(translation: “As above so below. As below so above. All is flowing, and flowing back. We walk the path. All, all is my family, is my family! The Earth, the Fire, the Water and the Wind. The plants, the minerals, the animals. We are the children of Love!)

In high gratitude for our beautiful planet with all her amazing creatures – feeling the ONEness with all.

11.) OM Tryambakam (traditional Mantra)

OM Tryambakam / Yajamahe Sukhandim Pushtivardanam / Urvaru Kamiva Bandhanan / Mrityor Mokshiya Mamritat

Benficial to liberate you from attachments that hinder you to live as you are meant to be, and to protect you in challenging situations. It is said to have helped during accidents., to prevent death.

12.) Reflections on Life (music and guitar by Leon Yao)

Beneficial to gain some distance to your present situation, to rise above your normal perspective and have a more broader and wider view.

13.) Lotus Sutra (traditional, sung in Shafiyas style – background singer: Shafiya)

Nam Myoho Renghe Kyo

– repeated 108 times with an Indian Mala – (translation: “I dedicate myself to the law of cause and effect”)

Beneficial to liberate and clean yourself from negative karma, in order to reach awakening.   (more explanations e.g. on Wikipedia)