Sound Healer Intensive

Healing in Nature
Healing in Nature

  Sound Healer Week with Shafiya (Deutsch folgt)

Sound is healing. Silence is healing.  We reconnect in the gap in between.
When we open that sacred space of sound & silence, and allow the reconnection of the soul with the heart, we relax, are in bliss and can become whole again.

A sound healer helps people to open that space within and support the natural self-healing capacities of her/his clients.

This intensive course teaches you about using your voice and shamanic instruments (e.g. drums) to ease and nourish yourself and others. We include working with the chakras, mantras, healing songs of all traditions, lunar sounds, Hathor and dolphin energy, gentle touch, easy Yoga practices, sound meditations and even spiritual art with brush and paint. You gain a profound knowledge and practice – while spending six bountiful days at the most beautiful places of Mallorca! Shafiya takes you to powerful places at the sea and on top of mountains.

You will always love to remember!

Namasté and ALOHA

6-day-package – Sunday to Saturday, including 3x Yoga (60 min), 20 hours of teaching & training, self-exploration and silence.
Conditions: 980€ including accomodation, breakfast and 3x dinner. Flights and transfers not included.