Mantra & Kirtan-concerts 
….to sing along or just listen, and reconnect with yourself  – also for Yoga groups visiting the island. You can book me for your personal event or join the regular events. Please contact  me for more information and the prices, depending on how long the concert is, and where.

Experience an evening filled with music and silence, warmth, bliss, and leave with a radiant smile.

♥ Join the bliss! ♥
We gather for a deeply transforming music experience, both uplifting and relaxing, singing mantras and heartwarming healing songs as well as diving into the silence in between.
No knowledge of Mantras needed, and also – if you feel shy to sing – you can just listen and enjoy the vibration, or hum along
We speak German and English. If you just want to come to listen and not sing, because you feel shy, it is fine, too.

Yoga classes

… for groups and private.
This graceful and profound Yoga style combines practices from Kundalini, Hatha, Bhakti, Pranayama.  Life music, sounds, and fragrances are part of it.
It moves your physical and emotional energy, with deep effect on the muscles and fascies, detoxing in a gentle way. You will also learn easy methods to “take along in your daily life” in order to relax and strenghten you for challenging situations. I open the space for you to experience unique holistic Energy Flow Yoga together with heartwarming life music.

Yoga Retreats – (one week or 4-days Intensive) please see “events” for more information. 

Sound Nights,  at the Holistic Hotel Cal Reiet, Santanyi (Mallorca)
… with singing bowls, monochord, hang, guitar, shamanic drum & angelic Voices…. in cooperation with Anna Fabos.

These nights are a very deep, transforming experience.
We usually begin at 21:00 with a Welcome Circle with Mantras and Healing Songs for a nourishing, heartwarming space to rest, harmonize and smile through the night.
At a certain point you’ll lay down on your mat and go into silence, ready to relax and listen.
Shafiya and Anna will then go into the sound and music, while you just have to relax and enjoy these moments. There is also time in complete silence during the night for a deep sleep or to listen to and enjoy the “Sound in the Silence“.
In the early morning, a Sound Puja awakens you gently and with growing dynamic muisic prepares you for the day.
We end the Sound Night with a Closing Circle at 8.00 a.m.

Sacred space...
Sacred space…

Reiki Session
… ancient method to support you, to move the life energy in your body.

30 Min.  – 35,- €
60 Min. –  60,- €

“Healing is in each being, and actually not in the hands of the healer. A healer, doctor or shaman can only assist and encourage, the rest is done by the patient and … above all: divine grace.” (Shafiya)


Energy Flow Massage (only for women)

Dive into deep relaxation to get highly energized.
This blend of several traditional massage techniques  includes kneading, energy work and warm oil for activating the meridians.
As detox is supported, afterwards you should drink a lot of water.  60 Min. – 60,- €