Upcoming Events

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List of upcoming events

Regular events:
  • every tuesday evening: Yoga class “Dynamic Energy Flow”  (Kundalini, Hatha, Bhakti) at Cal Reiet, Santanyi
  • every thursday evening: Mantra Circle at Ca´n Tara (near Santanyi)


Special events: 

“Spiritual Art with Shafiya”: we tune in with sacred songs , go deeply within, and the take up the brushes and begin to paint… just open up and let it flow. Create your own spiritual painting, reflecting your wisdom to support you! 45,- € including material.  Starting at 10:00 we will finish around 13:00. Please contact me for the dates.

“Mindful Walking with Mantras”: step by step, conscious walking and singing healing songs and mantras, placing your feet gently on the ground … its like a blessing you receive from the Earth and a blessing you give to her.  2 hours, 15,- €    – please contact me for the dates.