“Lasst den  Himmel sich auf der Erde wiederspiegeln, auf dass die Erde zum Himmel werde.”  (Rumi)

Musik, Yoga, Meditation, Entspannung und herrliche Naturerlebnisse auf Mallorca und weiteren schönen Flecken der Erde….

Shafiya Caroline Yao
Shafiya Caroline Yao “…. join the bliss!”

Hörprobe “Amazing Grace…” 

“Let the heavens be reflected by the Earth, Lord, that the Earth may turn into heaven.” (Rumi)

Music, Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation and extraordinary experiences in Nature on Mallorca (Balear Islands, Spain) and other beautiful parts of the world…..  

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You find my album on iTunes (Shafiya: “More….) and my profile on Facebook. 

Experience the spirit of tranquility and body& soul balance with my Mantra singing, with Energy Flow Yoga, the relaxing and rejuvenating detox massage and reiki sessions. Regular Yoga classes, Mantra singing circles and other events at my home “Ca´n Tara” in Nature Parc Mondrago and at the beautiful holistic hotel “Cal Reiet” at Santanyi offer you a special  experience as resident or visitor during your vacation on this magnificent island.